Sunday, October 23, 2016

Photos Related to Hell Gate -- Mont St. Michel

For those of you who have already read Hell Gate, by now you know that I have set the book in various locations around France. I have been fortunate to have visited the major locations in the novel, which inspired me to include them in the story. Having seen this places made them come alive for me while drafting the manuscript.

To bring Hell Gate alive for my readers, every Sunday for the next four weeks I'll be posting blog spots with photos related to the locations described in the novel and/or concept art about the demons. Many of the photos I took myself. I hope you enjoy these.

First, let's begin with Mont St. Michel, the Normandy home for those refugees who survived the opening of the portal.

The causeway leading from the mainland to the island. In the book, this has been destroyed so that, when the bay is at high tide, there is no access to the city.

King's Gate -- the entrance into the walled city. Off to the left is Le Mere Poulard Hotel where the Protective Force lives.

"The only access to the structure passed between twin towers stretching over one hundred feet into the night sky that guarded a flight of steep stairs between the ancient walls of the Abbey and the outer defensive wall."

The stairway leading to the Abbey.

The Romanesque facade of the Abbey.

Inside the Abbey. Doc's office would to the right rear of this photograph.

The streets of Mont St. Michel leading from King's Gate to the Abbey.

The view from the terrace in front of the Abbey overlooking the bay.

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