Sunday, November 6, 2016

Photos Related to Hell Gate -- Paris

This week's photos are of the Hell Gaters' journey through Paris.

One of the station stops on the Paris Metro. I don't think I need to remind anyone what types of creepy crawlies the Hell Gaters run into down here.

Place de la Concorde, where the Hell Gaters emerge from the subway into a horde of Nachzehrer.

The Louvre, where the Hell Gaters head after escaping from the Place de la Concorde.

The view from the Louvre looking out over the Ile de la Cite. Notre Dame is visible in the upper center portion of the photo. The bridge they cross to get onto the island is in the foreground. The lava flow runs down the right side of the island.

The square in front of Notre Dame that is filled with Golem and Nachzehrer. The center and right portails on the front facade of the cathedral from which the lava flows are clearly visible.  

The interior of Notre Dame. The portal is located at the far end of the cathedral near the chancel. The lava flows down the center of the nave and the aisle on the right. The battle between Hell Gaters and Hell Spawn takes place along the left aisle.

A close-up of the chancel. The portal opened in front of the cross, destroying the choir on either side.

The spiral staircase leading up the bell tower where Sasha lures the Nachzehrer away.

The view of the square from the bell tower.

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